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Mediana HeartOn AED A15 Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The HeartOn A15 AED by Mediana is recommended for schools as it has the instant switch for Adult and Paediatric mode which means that this product is perfect for environments with mixed age groups. The device is a cost effective defibrillator packed full of fantastic features. Designed to be used by those who are minimally trained in the use of an AED, the HeartOn AED ensures users are comfortable and confident, by offering voice and visual prompts.    


  • Protective outer cover, which when opened by the easy sliding switch, automatically turns on
  • Defibrillator pads are already connected and ready to use 
  • LED indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts
  • Visual icons clarify the necessary actions
  • Adult/paediatric mode switch allows the correct setting without changing the pads
  • Battery is disposable, LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable, with 2 years shelf life, and 5yrs standby life. 


  • AED Unit
  • Black carry case 
  • 1 set of defribrillation pads

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