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The LifeVac is a non-powered single patient portable suction apparatus developed for resuscitating a choking victim when standard basic life support (BLS) protocol has been followed without success. Please note - training is now available.


The Story

LifeVac was invented by Arthur Lih from Long Island New York. He came up with the idea when hearing about a little child who also choked on a grape and died last year when abdominal thrusts and back blows did not work. His daughter was of the same age and he was determined this was not going to happen to his daughter.


Several Fire Departments in NY, Police departments, patrol cars/bikes, schools and restaurants now have LifeVac with them beside their first aid kits. Due to this success in America the LifeVac is now available in the UK. 


FirstLife Saved!

Help Save Lives Medical & Training Supplies is extremely proud to announce that after supplying Ashberry Healthcare Limited in June 2016 it saved a residents life! 

Two days after receiving their LifeVac in May 2016 a resident choked. They used LifeVac on their resident who was choking while eating their lunch. LifeVac saved the residents life on the FIRST application! Help Save Lives & LifeVac is proud to say we have saved our first of many lives!


How it works

As the LifeVac  has a oneway patented valve, when applied it only sucks up and does not push air down when pulled therefore LifeVac creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions as trained in First Aid.  To dislodge an object from an airway in tests it takes 5 x abdominal thrusts and 5x back slaps to get 80% success. In all testing LifeVac has dislodged obstruction of the airway 99.9% of the time in one use.  LifeVac is FDA approved, MHRA approved as a class one medical device, Canadian Health Service approved and CE accredited. The device has under gone various clinical tests.

An independent study of the LifeVac on a human cadaver has been peer reviewed and published in the American Journal Of Emergency Medicine by Elsevier. Results of this study suggest that the LifeVac be included as part of the guidelines used for basic life support management. The LifeVac dislodged obstruction of the airway 49/50 trials on the first pull. Please contact us for the full report plus other detailed LifeVac testimonials on enquiries@helpsavelives.co.uk or call us on 0208 127 0210.

LifeVac is ideal for disabled people that cannot receive traditional choking treatment 

Available at £59.95 + VAT - its own Wall Mounted Kit at £79.99 + VAT - Both options come with 3 masks - 2 medium and 1 small adult mask - Plus now available with A3 training poster  

Please note: If you need us to supply a proforma invoice or need any help please pop us an email enquiries@helpsavelives.co.uk or call our sales team on 0208 127 0210. 


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LifeVac - Anti Choking Device from £59.95 + VAT

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