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Help Save Lives ‘First Aid for Children’ are now going into Primary Schools. 

The First Aid for Children classes run for approximately 60 – 90 minutes.  The classes are run by a qualified First Aid trainer. They teach the children basic First Aid skills - dialling 999, the D.R.A.B.C checklist, what to do if they bump their head and lots more! Plus using the child friendly manikin they let the children practice CPR, choking back slaps and even abdominal thrust! 

You won’t believe how excited and enthusiastic the children get when attending these classes.  We know that when children are learning in an exciting and fun way they remember what they have been taught. You could say it’s like riding a bike or even learning to use their new phone!!!!!

Not only do the children get taught all these new First Aid skills they also get to take the ‘First Aid for Children’ book home with them. We have had amazing feedback about the book. Not only does it benefit the children it is also helps everyone at home and beyond!

FUNDING: Please note that some of our schools that have booked are using their 'Sports Premium' to fund the training and some have even had funds donated by local/national businesses!

Please see one of our review:

'I think it’s amazing, colourful and straight forward, plus easy to follow, I think the children will love it and the parents/teachers too'.

Teri Adams - CPR-First Aid Training 

To book a ‘First Aid for Children’ class or to see a copy of our book please call 

+44 (0) 208 127 0210 or email enquiries@helpsavelives.co.uk


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First Aid for Children - First Aid Class

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