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Over the last few months we have been going into primary schools and training children in basic First Aid. It has been amazing! Please have a little read of the feedback from the children taken from letter we have received:

I am writing to you to explain how amazing your lesson to do with First Aid was. Many of us (including me) really want to thank-you for providing this training for us. I hope you give lessons like this to more children to make a better life. A better life will then become a better town, then city then country and finally a better world – Thank you ever so much. - Lashika

I have learnt many useful and potentially lifesaving skills. I now know what to do if someone I love (for example my teacher) has got hurt. I also know how to perform CPR. - Rosemary

A few days ago I burnt myself on a light, then all I had to do was look in my book. It was very educational and I have learnt how to look after myself in case of burns, bumps, choking and more. - Olivia

Most of the schools have managed to fund the training themselves but some have been sponsored by local companies. In December Alexander McCleod Primary school in Abbeywood, South East London were lucky enough to have their Year 5 & 6 trained and all paid for by Wolesley - the UK's largest plumbing and bathroom trade specialist  (https://www.wolseley.co.uk/).

We are so excited of what’s to come in 2019 with over 1000 children already First Aid aware so far this year and many more to come! Look out for our new First Aider – First Aid Bobby who joins our First Aid Bonny! 

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