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  • Anti-Choking Trainer Vest - New & Improved

Anti-Choking Trainer Vest - New & Improved
An individual wears the Actfast Anti-Choking Trainer vest whilst another demonstrates the manoeuvre, if the skill is performed correctly then an object will be dispelled from the trainer.
If the exact correct technique is not performed then the object will not be dispelled. When performed correctly there is no risk of injury to students and they will leave the class fully confident in performing Abdominal Thrusts. We supply the Actfast anti-choking trainer with a built in back pad to allow back slaps to be applied to the student, this allows students to practice both the AHA and ERC anti choking skills. Ideal for school teachers, youth clubs, scout groups, parents, individuals and of course BLS instructors. 

Now with NEW features:
  • Shoulder Straps as well as the waist straps to cater for all sizes of delegate
  • New red 'throat' so it blends in better
  • New material for better wear & tear
  • 2 sets of 10 'foreign bodies' - 1 for beginners and 1 for advance students.

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Anti-Choking Trainer Vest - New & Improved

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